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11:37 am

I have had somewhat of a break from working out over the last few weeks – though not through choice, I really wanted to knuckle down and drop a little weight before jetting off to Lanzarote next month, but illness and a new job have dictated otherwise.

One of the trainers at the gym that I happen to be friends with was telling me recently about a personal trainer app he’s been using to help him run his business and motivate his clients and I think it’s a great idea and he says it saves him a huge amount of time and effort on a daily basis – the wonders of the Internet and social media these days always impress me and make me grateful for what we have, I know that I personally use many apps and websites and the like to log what I am doing and use them as motivational tools, either by sharing my activities on Facebook or just marvelling at statistics. I actually get excited to check out my RunKeeper page after each run to check on details such as my pace, elevation and my total milage (I am currently 10 miles away from hitting 1000 miles in total since I signed up!). The app allows for clients to book and pay for sessions, record workouts, set goals, view progress, get support and so much more.


So if you are a personal trainer or you are looking to hire a personal trainer take a look at the personal trainer software uk to see what it can do for you.

11:38 am

Things are going well for me diet wise at the moment, I seem to have gotten myself back on the wagon and am steadily losing weight again.

I am going on holiday to the beautiful Playa Blanca in Lanzarote in around six weeks time so I would like to be ‘beach ready’ by then and ditch at least another seven pounds – but the more the better. I could be tempted to go on a special diet again like I did last year wen I went on the Dukan Diet to prepare for my holiday abroad, something like the Tacoma HCG Diet from SlimXpress seems attractive, they say that I could lose four to seven pounds per week, nevermind in the timeframe I have in mind.

One of the things I like the look of about it is that it is not just a generic diet that every one is expected to be able to follow – they actually take into account your individual needs and create a whole profile for you, including a nutrition plan devised by experts tailored especially for you.

I am in no rush to decide though, for now I will stick with what I am doing which is just eating a healthy low calorie diet and working out a lot, and if with a month or so to go I am still not near where I want to be I will think again and take a closer look at what Slimxpress have to offer.

Hey look who got featured in an inforgraphic about the top 100 weight loss blogs :)
I am way down near the bottom but feel proud to have been featured at all as although I have been running this blog for some years now I have never really promoted it as it has always just been a personal blog for my own journey.

There are lots of other great blogs featured as well and you should check them out!

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An infographic by the team at CouponAudit


I have tried several new sports over the last few years – more than ever before in my life most probably or at the very least since my school days. I have tried everything from canoeing and swinging through the trees at Go Ape! to bowls and hitting some balls at the golf driving range.

I like golf as it reminds me of growing up when my dad, uncle and brother were all really into it and I would often go along with them just to hang out and watch (and get called their caddy, even though I never actually carried any of their clubs as they were far too heavy for me!). However I have never been great at actually playing it – I just don’t seem to have the upper body strength for it. Most people wouldn’t imagine that golf is a good work out but if you think about it you will realise it sure is – you can walk for several miles during a session on an 18 hole course and all that swinging of heavy clubs above your head sure takes it out of you.

There are whole communities that people who love golf can retire to, such as the highly desireable Port St Lucie golf communities – my dad isn’t as into golf these days but I am sure he would still love to retire there and take it up again :)

12:54 pm

So while my diet has suffered in recent months my work out regime has not – I have done more new things since last summer than I had done over the previous few years.

The main big thing I did was join a gym – my very first time being a member of a gym. Due to being a member I have done many new things including swimming, spin class, weight training and many classes such as body pump, body combat, boxing and circuit class.

I also upped my running for the first time since starting Couch to 5k and actually entered some races. My first race was a 5k and there were only a few hundred people – a few 10ks in between with around 1000 people and my next race is a city centre 10k with 4000 runners! I hope to build up to a half marathon at some point although I don’t have any in the pipeline.

I also joined a running club – we meet on Friday evenings and run for around an hour. It is the first and only time I have ever run with other people so it’s tricky to get the hang of chatting and running at the same time, the group is also quite slow though so I am not sure it is really benefitting me or that I will stick with it.

My general work out week now looks like this.

Monday – Circuit class
Tuesday – Run and/or VIPR Bootcamp
Wednesday – Body Combat
Thursday – Run or Swim
Friday – Running club
Sat – Rest
Sun – Run and gym circuit

12:54 pm

So it’s been a while since I updated here at Losingpounds.org and I would like to say that I am still doing well – but I have to be honest and report that I have gained a little weight back.

Back in the summer after maintaining at around nine stone for a year or so I decided to do something that I have always felt strongly against and I went on a fad diet around six weeks before I was set to jet off on holiday. My thinking was “what’s the worse that will happen?” and actually to my surprise the diet worked for me – for the first time in years I was putting in the effort and seeing results, I went from nine stone to 8.9, a 5lb loss in six weeks was massive for me at that stage in my journey.

However I didn’t ease off the diet and back to normal habits as you are meant to, I went on my holiday and I ate and I ate and I drank and I drank.

When I came back I weighed 9.2, a few pounds up from before I started the fad diet. This obviously should have been the point where I rememebered why I don’t approve of fad diets, pulled my finger out and got back to my normal healthy diet that had seen me lose 7 stone over the previous few years. However being on the diet taught me some bad habits – I was able to eat as much of the allowed foods as I wanted, so portion control had gone out of the window, I was allowed to eat cheese which is my food nemisis and I was encouraged to guzzle fizzy diet soda by the bucket load (something I had previously struggled to give up).

A few months later and I was around 9.5.

Come November and December I was struggling massively with a personal issue that I won’t go into here. Then I sprained my ankle mid December so struggled to get in good workouts and of course then it was the Christmas and New Year period which always adds a few pounds.

January 1st I hopped on the scale at a whopping 10.6, more than I have weighed in around three years.

I would like to say that I am back in control of it now but I am not sure I am, I keep saying enough is enough and dropping a few pounds but then going off the rails again and gaining it (+ a few more back).

I am definitely unhappy at 10.6, it feels like such a step backwards. Hardly any of my clothes fit but I am loathe to buy a whole new size 12 wardrobe. I struggle more with exercise and running. I feel uncomfortable in social situations, I feel embaressed at the gym. I hate going clothes shopping again and I just don’t like how my body looks.

I have not weighed myself now for almost two weeks which is about the longest I have ever gone, as I am trying to just be healthy and see what happens rather than obsess over a number. But once I do weigh in I will update my stats in the sidebar and post further about what I have been up to and my plans for the future.

12:33 pm

Can you believe that despite being at this weight loss thing for almost 4 years now, I have never had a gym membership or actually even stepped foot inside a gym?

At first my reasoning was that I didn’t want to be ‘the fat girl’ at the gym, looking all sweaty and out of breath and gross – once I got over that notion my reasoning was that I couldn’t afford it and it was too far away.

Now that I am a healthy weight, fit as a butchers dog, can afford the gym and have one a mere 5 minute walk away – maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and get myself signed up. I visit the leisure centre often as I go swimming there and often see signs and offers and promotions for classes that make me want to join but for some reason, something is still holding me back :(

If you are looking to join a gym but don’t know where to go then check out Gymdar.co.uk, it’s a UK based site that offers information and reviews on thousands of gyms across the country. We all know gyms can be expensive, so it makes sense to seek out reviews and the opinions of real users to make sure that we are getting the most ‘bang for our buck’. My local gym is listed on Gymdar but sadly has no reviews yet – perhaps if I finally pull my finger out and register with them I can be the first to add my personal review :)

9:36 am

Have any of my American friend heard of or been using DealDash recently?

DealDash is a fun new way to shop that is taking America by storm with over 1 million users already

I love a good offer, bargain, sale, deal, freebie or misprice – it is something I am known for in my circle of friends.

I would like to say I find all of this stuff myself but it’s not the case, there are forums and websites dedicated to finding them and I just get all of my information from them. There are a couple of great UK sites I know of and the above mentioned DealDash is a fair and honest auction website and a great alternative to ‘the mighty’ ebay who like most people these days, I really do not like with their extortionate fees and always siding with the buyer rather than the seller.

What is interesting about it as well is that it’s a penny auction site – the bid increment is always one penny and they have free shipping on all items so the seller can’t stiff you on that as they often do elsewhere. Because of the way DealDash works you can win many items for as much as 95% less than RRP.

4:16 pm

My mom has just begun her Online degree in history and I couldn’t be any more impressed or proud of her. She’s been talking about going back to college since I was a teenager and ever since the Internet boom when these Online college degree options started emerging I have been pushing her to go for it.

She’s always said ‘maybe’ but that she’d be nervous to do it via an Online college because she’s not the most technically minded person there is – but now she has a laptop and is more savvy in the ways of the web she’s been confident enough to go for it.

I hope she loves it and gets everything out of it that she had hoped for, maybe she will even be able tp use a site like college-paper.org for help :)

12:55 am

The world is obsessed with ‘celebrity’ these days, wanting to know every intimate detail of their lives – I say ‘these days’ but actually it’s not a new phenomenon, the world has always been interested in the goings on of celebrity lifestyle but I guess it just seems like we are more obsessed now as there are more famous people, it’s very easy to become well known now than it ever was with reality TV so prominant in modern culture, you used to actually have some kind of skill or talent.

I’d say the two main facets of celebrity the world seems obsessed with are their love lives and apperance, if any celebrity is snapped having gained or lost any weight at all you’ll usually find people talking about it and an interview from said celebrity about it will soon follow. How many articles are there each week in every magazine published claiming to have 50 Red Hot Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets or similar?

I have learned a lot from such articles over the years though, because like most people I too love to read them. It’s amazing what some people will try in order to shift a few pounds but there are also some great suggestions, diets to try and recipes to follow. I picked up my all time favourite healthy dessert recipe from one such article a few years ago – it’s for a cheese cake that uses low fat cream cheese, coffee and oat bran – really really good.