So it’s been a while since I updated here at and I would like to say that I am still doing well – but I have to be honest and report that I have gained a little weight back.

Back in the summer after maintaining at around nine stone for a year or so I decided to do something that I have always felt strongly against and I went on a fad diet around six weeks before I was set to jet off on holiday. My thinking was “what’s the worse that will happen?” and actually to my surprise the diet worked for me – for the first time in years I was putting in the effort and seeing results, I went from nine stone to 8.9, a 5lb loss in six weeks was massive for me at that stage in my journey.

However I didn’t ease off the diet and back to normal habits as you are meant to, I went on my holiday and I ate and I ate and I drank and I drank.

When I came back I weighed 9.2, a few pounds up from before I started the fad diet. This obviously should have been the point where I rememebered why I don’t approve of fad diets, pulled my finger out and got back to my normal healthy diet that had seen me lose 7 stone over the previous few years. However being on the diet taught me some bad habits – I was able to eat as much of the allowed foods as I wanted, so portion control had gone out of the window, I was allowed to eat cheese which is my food nemisis and I was encouraged to guzzle fizzy diet soda by the bucket load (something I had previously struggled to give up).

A few months later and I was around 9.5.

Come November and December I was struggling massively with a personal issue that I won’t go into here. Then I sprained my ankle mid December so struggled to get in good workouts and of course then it was the Christmas and New Year period which always adds a few pounds.

January 1st I hopped on the scale at a whopping 10.6, more than I have weighed in around three years.

I would like to say that I am back in control of it now but I am not sure I am, I keep saying enough is enough and dropping a few pounds but then going off the rails again and gaining it (+ a few more back).

I am definitely unhappy at 10.6, it feels like such a step backwards. Hardly any of my clothes fit but I am loathe to buy a whole new size 12 wardrobe. I struggle more with exercise and running. I feel uncomfortable in social situations, I feel embaressed at the gym. I hate going clothes shopping again and I just don’t like how my body looks.

I have not weighed myself now for almost two weeks which is about the longest I have ever gone, as I am trying to just be healthy and see what happens rather than obsess over a number. But once I do weigh in I will update my stats in the sidebar and post further about what I have been up to and my plans for the future.

Saturday, February 9th, 2013 at 12:54 pm
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