So while my diet has suffered in recent months my work out regime has not – I have done more new things since last summer than I had done over the previous few years.

The main big thing I did was join a gym – my very first time being a member of a gym. Due to being a member I have done many new things including swimming, spin class, weight training and many classes such as body pump, body combat, boxing and circuit class.

I also upped my running for the first time since starting Couch to 5k and actually entered some races. My first race was a 5k and there were only a few hundred people – a few 10ks in between with around 1000 people and my next race is a city centre 10k with 4000 runners! I hope to build up to a half marathon at some point although I don’t have any in the pipeline.

I also joined a running club – we meet on Friday evenings and run for around an hour. It is the first and only time I have ever run with other people so it’s tricky to get the hang of chatting and running at the same time, the group is also quite slow though so I am not sure it is really benefitting me or that I will stick with it.

My general work out week now looks like this.

Monday – Circuit class
Tuesday – Run and/or VIPR Bootcamp
Wednesday – Body Combat
Thursday – Run or Swim
Friday – Running club
Sat – Rest
Sun – Run and gym circuit

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013 at 12:54 pm
Couch to 5k, Health, Swimming, Working Out
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